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5.3.2 Blanket Purchase Orders

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Approved by the Senior Associate Vice President for Finance.
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Formerly Known As Policy Number: 54.2

This Guide Memo contains policies on Blanket Purchase Orders.

1. Purpose of Blanket Purchase Orders

If a department frequently needs supplies or services from the same supplier, Procurement may establish a blanket purchase order. Blanket purchase orders are established for varying periods, and allow the department to order directly from the supplier. The blanket purchase order contains ordering and billing instructions, a price agreement, and a description of the goods or services that can be ordered.

2. Departmental Blanket Purchase Orders

a. Audit Trail

The ordering department is responsible for maintaining a complete audit trail of transactions under a blanket purchase order. This includes administering and documenting the authority for issuing orders and maintaining records of transactions.

b. Releases

Individual releases under Blanket Purchase Orders are not entered online in Oracle Financials. The ordering department is responsible for tracking releases independently of online systems. All releases must carry the Blanket Purchase Order Number, and any invoices presented must also carry the Blanket Purchase Order Number.

3. University-Wide Purchase Agreements

The Procurement Department may determine that the interests of productive business dictate a consolidation of business activity. If many departments use one supplier, then Procurement may establish a University-wide Purchase Agreement with that vendor.

a. Releases

University departments should enter a requisition, for each transaction released against a University-Wide Purchase Agreement.

b. Temporary Service

Agency Agreements are established on a University-wide basis every two years. For information about approved agencies, call Procurement. To obtain temporary service help from an agency on the approved list, the department enters an appropriate requisition online. The Agency in turn references the approved Purchase Order Number on its invoice. The invoice and a copy of the temporary employee's time sheet (previously approved and signed by the department representative at the end of the employee's work) are sent to Accounts Payable for payment.