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Note: Housekeeping changes are in the following section at the bottom of the page.

July 21, 2020

AGM 2.1.5: Compensation of Staff Employees

  • Section 2: Hours of Work and Work Records:
    • Clarified rest break and meal period policies
  • Section 4: Overtime Compensation:
    • Clarified overtime policy
  • Section 5: Alternative Work Schedule:
    • Clarified that alternative work schedules apply to non-exempt employees
  • Section 6: Special Compensation Situations for Non-exempt Employees
    • Updated beeper pay policy to require returning beeper page/call within 20 minutes
    • Updated standby policy to require that employees are prepared to return instantly to work
  • Section 7: Temporary Compensation for Work in a Higher Classification
    • Clarified temporary compensation policy for higher classification work to state that exemption status is maintained and non-exempt employees may be entitled to overtime pay

June 1, 2020

AGM 2.1.6: Vacations

  • Section 2.g.(2)d.: Effect of Terminal Vacation: Clarified how the use of terminal vacation affects the layoff or retirement date, and the severance repayment and laid off employee’s bridge periods

AGM 2.1.17: Layoffs

  • Section 4: Benefits and Time Off
    • 4.c.: Clarified that Floating Holiday is an additional accumulated leave that may be taken during a temporary or seasonal layoff
  • Section 5: Selection for Layoff
    • Renumbered sub-sections 
    • 5.e.: Failure to Return to Work: Clarified that if an employee on temporary or seasonal layoff fails to return to work as scheduled, they will be deemed to have resigned unless an additional leave of absence is requested and approved before the return date
  • Section 6: Severance Pay
    • 6.1: Repayment of Severance: Changed "termination date" to "layoff effective date" for clarity
    • 6.2: Effect of Terminal Vacation on Severance Repayment: Clarified the effect of using terminal vacation on the layoff effective date and the severance repayment period

May 4, 2020

AGM 2.1.14: Senior Staff

  • Section 4: Termination of Senior Staff Employees: Clarified that the layoff notice period is three months. Included COBRA contributions by the university as a benefit to Senior Staff who are terminated, provided the employee signs the General Release of All Claims and Severance Repayment Agreement, timely elects COBRA, and timely pays any contributions required of the employee. Included outplacement services as a benefit to Senior Staff when termination is due to permanent layoff.
  • Section 5: Senior Staff Administrative Review: Clarified that the Senior Staff Administrative Review applies to involuntary terminations (including layoff).

AGM 2.1.17: Layoffs

  • Applicability: Clarified the applicable policies for Academic Staff-Teaching and Senior Staff
  • Section 2: Definitions: Updated the maximum temporary layoff period from four months to six months
  • Section 3: Layoff Notice: Clarified that when permanent layoff of Academic-Staff Research and Academic-Staff Libraries is due to programmatic reasons, three months of notice must be given
  • Section 4: Benefits and Time Off: Included COBRA contributions by the university as a benefit to a permanently laid off employee, provided the employee signs the General Release of All Claims and Severance Repayment Agreement, timely elects COBRA, and timely pays any contributions required of the employee. Added life insurance as a benefit the university will continue to contribute towards during temporary layoff period, provided the employee pays any timely contributes required of the employee.  Added that the employee can use vacation and PTO during temporary layoff. Specified that a regular staff employee who is concurrently notified of permanent layoff from the university and offered a position at Stanford Health Care or Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital is not eligible for layoff benefits. 
  • Section 6: Severance Pay: Clarified that severance repayment will be prorated for an employee rehired into a position with a lower percentage time commitment or lower rate of pay than the position from which the employee was laid off. Clarified that the terminal vacation period is not included in severance pay period calculations.

AGM 2.2.1: Definitions

  • Section 18: Term (Duration of Employment)
    • Section 18.b (Fixed-term): Clarified that appointments can be ended prior to the designated end date consistent with applicable policies.

April 6, 2020

AGM 1.8.1: Protection of Minors

  • Updated throughout to reflect the new registration process with University Human Resources using the Protection of Minors Management System, and the new review, approval, and sponsorship process for Third Party Programs.

March 23, 2020

AGM 8.2.1: University Events

  • Section 2, Types of University Events: Added links for information about events involving minors. 

AGM 8.2.2: Conferences

  • Section 1, Conference Policies: Added links for information about events involving minors.

February 19, 2020

AGM 4.2.5: Naming Facilities and Land Features

  • Section 1: Added Office of Campus Engagement to the groups that review proposals for Stanford facilities and land features. Revised 1.b. to refer to the Principles and Procedures for Renaming Buildings and Other Features at Stanford University document and articulated a summary of the processes. Added 1.c.: New or Additional Names section.
  • Section 2: Added an introductory summary. Added 2.d.: Groups and 2.e.: Events to describe naming related to groups and events.
  • Section 3: Revised to clarify record-keeping procedures by LBRE and OOD related to building and campus geographic features and their names.

February 1, 2020

AGM 2.2.1: Definitions

  • Section 7: Staff Employees: Added a new definition: SLAC Senior and Distinguished Scientists and Engineers are regular staff employees subject to the terms set in the Administrative Guide memos.


January 29, 2020

AGM 2.1.2: Recruiting and Hiring of Regular Staff

  • Section 3.c.(2): Length of Posting Period: Added requirement that if a job code changes on a posted vacant job, it must be reposted online for a minimum of 10 additional calendar days.
  • Section 5.e.(5): Retention Time: Changed requirement to retain search, selection and employment decision records from three years to two years. 


January 28, 2020

AGM 3.4.3: Student Billing

  • Update in "Responsibility" section to identify that the Dean or Director delegated by the Provost is responsible for fee categories.
  • Corrections to names of departments in the charts in Sections 1: Mandatory Fees; 2: Voluntary Charges;  and 3: Penalties
  • Section 4: Renamed to: "Adding or Changing Tuition/Fees to the University Bill" and revised the entire section. Two new forms were added that are posted in Box: Tuition Request Form and New Fee Request Form.


January 1, 2020

AGM 2.2.5: Requesting a Lactation Accommodation

  • Updated in multiple sections:
    • Section 2.a: Clarified “Chair” refers to “Department Chair”
    • Section 4: Non-exempt employees are entitled to rest break penalties if reasonable break time or adequate space is not provided. Employees should contact local HR or UHR/ELR if they believe reasonable break time or adequate space has not been provided. Employees may also pursue complaints with the California Labor Commissioner’s Office
    • Section 5: Listed additional requirements for appropriate lactation space
    • Section 6: Clarified that lactation use takes precedence in multi-use spaces

AGM 2.3.5: Disability and Family Leaves

  • Updated throughout to reflect program changes that now cover up to six weeks' paid family leave
  • Section 6(d)4.: Updated to note that failure to repay an overpayment could result in disciplinary action

September 16, 2019

AGM 9.2.1: Organization chart: Provost

  •  Updated with one new position and one modified position, as recently announced

August 27, 2019

AGM 2.1.13: Paid Holidays

  • Replaced the "Christmas" holidays terminology with "Winter Holidays" when referring to the December 24 and 25 paid holidays.

August 13, 2019

AGM 2.3.3: Tuition Privileges

  • Applicability: Clarified that the policy applies to “regular staff”.
  • Section 2.B: Clarified who is eligible for a fee waiver when auditing classes to be consistent with current practice. Added link to required audit form.

June 5, 2019

AGM 2.1.3: Personnel Files and Data

  • Section 3.a: Removed general correspondence between employee and supervisor from list of appropriate content for personnel files.
  • Section 3.b: Clarified that workplace investigation records and letters of reference are not retained in personnel files.
  • Section 4.a: Clarified that authorized representatives may request a copy of a current employee’s personnel file; clarified timeframes by which copies of personnel files must be furnished.
  • Section 4.b: Clarified that authorized representatives may request a copy of a former employee’s personnel file; clarified timeframes by which copies of personnel files must be furnished.

May 21, 2019

AGM 1.8.1: Protection of Minors

  • Section 1: Clarified that Live Scan background checks must include both California DOJ and FBI results.
  • Section 4: Updated definition of Program Sponsor to be consistent with OSEP’s requirements. Also specified that the Program Sponsor must be represented by a Department Chair, Senior Staff, Institute Director, or designee.
  • Housekeeping edits throughout.

April 29, 2019

AGM 5.4.2: Business and Travel Expenses

  • Updated throughout to emphasize the core responsibility of financial stewardship and the guiding principle to spend appropriately with regard to business and travel expenses and purchases of items to be owned by Stanford. In addition, an outline of the university’s reimbursement policy and associated IRS Accountable Plan requirements were added. Finally, examples of appropriate and inappropriate business expenses were added to provide clarity on common expense types. Detailed information around transportation guidelines, fare options and meal guidance was removed but will continue to be available on Fingate.

AGM 5.4.3: Reimbursable Expenses

  • This Guide Memo was deleted, and the content was added to the updated 5.4.2: Business and Travel Expenses.


Housekeeping Changes

Changes do not affect policy content, but may include corrected cross-references to other policies, corrected titles, change of authority for the policy, changed URLs, addresses, and phone numbers or very minor text changes for clarity. Policies are not re-dated when housekeeping edits are made; the date is only updated if the policy content is changed.

October 25, 2019

For both policies, replaced the name of the Title IX Coordinator throughout.

June 19, 2019

Added "Academic Staff – Teaching" to the Applicability section and also updated the link for “Academic Staff – Research” to point to the correct policy in the Research handbook.