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Policy changes, deletions, additions

Note: Simple "housekeeping" changes (those that do not include a change to the policy's meaning) are in the following section in the lower section of the page.

May 25, 2023

AGM 5.4.2: Business and Travel Expenses

  • Section 2: Travel Policy: 
    • Updated to reflect a change to the booking method exception process, which will now route directly to OCRO’s Global Risk department.
    • Minor updates were made to add a link to the new Administrative Guide Memo 5.4.3: Travel Cards, to add best practices with TCard use, and to clarify documentation requirements for personal stops added to business trips.

May 23, 2023

AGM 10.2.1: Graduate Student Assistantships

  • Section 11.b: Benefits>Health Insurance: Updated the Cardinal Care subsidy percentage that a single student will receive based on their assistantship appointment percentage, from 50% to 100%, and 25% to 50%, respectively.

May 5, 2023

AGM 2.1.20: Hybrid (Telecommuting) Work Arrangements

  • Section 4.a.8: Clarified that Hybrid Work Agreements may specify an end date, but is not required.

AGM 2.1.21: Remote Work Arrangements

  • Section 4.a.9: Clarified that Remote Work Agreements may specify an end date, but is not required.

April 28, 2023

AGM 10.2.1: Graduate Student Assistantships

  • Section 7.c(1): Tuition Allowance, Source of Funding: Added a notation of the pending increase to the Stanford portion, from 40% to 55% as of September 1, 2023.

April 13, 2023

AGM 1.7.1: Sexual Harassment

  • Section 2.a: Policy Violations: Clarified definition of “Title IX Sexual Harassment”

March 13, 2023

AGM 2.1.14: Senior Staff

  • Clarified the impact of a Senior Staff employee being hired into another regular benefits-eligible position during the notice period
  • Clarified the timelines under the Senior Staff Administrative Review

February 16, 2023

AGM 7.6.1: Accident and Incident Reporting

  • Deleted Section 6: Reporting lost time, as the SU-16 form is no longer required.

January 17, 2023

AGM 2.2.7: Requesting Workplace Accommodations for Employees with Disabilities

  • Clarified that the policy applies to all university employees
  • Section 2.a: Implementation and Responsibility: Clarified that employees are expected to cooperate in the interactive process.
  • Section 2.b: Implementation and Responsibility: Clarified that supervisors will promptly inform their local human resources managers and should coordinate with them on requests for accommodations.
  • Section 3.a: Process: Clarified what information should be included in requests for accommodations.
  • Section 3.c: Process: Clarified what documentation may be needed for a request for an accommodation. Any request for a second medical opinion must be coordinated with University Human Resources—Employee & Labor Relations.
  • Section 3.d: Process: Clarified what factors are considered in determining reasonable accommodations.

January 6, 2023

AGM 2.1.2: Recruiting & Hiring of Regular Staff

  • Throughout, updated references to University Human Resources: Talent Management & Workforce Strategy
  • Section 3.a(2): Job Descriptions: Updated to require that all job postings include the pay range for the position, consistent with California law effective January 1, 2023.
  • Section 4.e: Reference Checks: Updated to require that at least one reference check is a current or prior supervisor.
  • Section 5.c: Background Checks: Clarified that background checks must be successfully completed before the first day of employment.

AGM 2.1.5: Compensation of Staff Employees

  • Section 2.f: Meal Periods: Clarified that meal period waivers, which are available only in limited circumstances, can be revoked by the employee at any time.
  • Section 3.a: Base Pay: Updated to include that employees will be provided the pay range for their current position upon request, consistent with California law effective January 1, 2023.

January 1, 2023

AGM 1.1.1: Code of Conduct

  • Section 3: Respect for Others, added to the protected groups to ensure compliance with federal and state law. 

AGM 2.1.7: Sick Time: Regular Staff Employees, Regular Academic Staff-Research and Regular Academic Staff-Professional Librarians

  • Section 2.g: Acceptable and Unacceptable Uses of Sick Time: Added new subsection 2.g(2) in Family Sick Time. Clarified individuals for which an employee can take family sick time under California law and added a "designated person" based on an amendment to California law effective January 1, 2023. Renumbered 2.g(3) due to the new 2.g(2) subsection.

AGM 2.1.8: Miscellaneous Authorized Absences

  • Applicability: Clarified that the bereavement leave section of the policy applies to contingent employees where specified.
  • Section 1.g.: Paid Absences: Bereavement Leave: Expanded to provide contingent employees with up to 5 unpaid days of bereavement leave upon the death of a family member based on California law effective January 1, 2023. Clarified the definition of close family member for which an employee can take bereavement leave. Renumbered 1.g to have four subsections for clarity.

AGM 2.1.16: Addressing Conduct and Performance Issues

  • Section 1: Policy Statement: Reformatted the examples of “cause” for which an employee can be terminated.
  • Section 3: Guide to Supervisors: Clarified the process for approving terminations to reflect current practice. Updated obsolete terms.

AGM 2.1.22: Sick Time for Temporary or Casual Staff Employees

  • Section 2.d: Family Sick Time: Added a clarification of the individuals for which a contingent employee can take family sick time under California law and added “designated person” based on an amendment to California law effective January 1, 2023. 

AGM 2.3.5: Disability and Family Leaves

  • Section 2.a: Family and Medical Leaves; last Introduction bullet point: added “designated person” to the list of individuals for which an employee can take leave under the California Family Rights Act (CFRA) based on amendment effective January 1, 2023.

Housekeeping Changes

Changes do not affect policy content, but may include corrected cross-references to other policies, corrected titles, change of authority for the policy, changed URLs, addresses, and phone numbers, or very minor text changes for clarity. Policies are not re-dated when housekeeping edits are made; the date is only updated if the policy content is changed.

May 7, 2023

AGM 11.6.1: Foreign Currency Hedging

  • Section 4: Approval Process: updated the link to submit a service request for FMS

March 8, 2023

AGM 1.1.1: Code of Conduct

February 7, 2023

AGM 6.1.1: Privacy and Access to Electronic Information

  • Throughout, updated the title of an authorizing official, the Senior Associate Vice President and Chief Risk Officer.

AGM 7.6.1: Accident and Incident Reporting

  • Throughout, updated the address of the Risk Management office.

February 6, 2023

AGM 2.2.1: Definitions

  • Section 3: Academic Staff: Clarified that teaching staff is comprised of Lecturers, Senior Lecturers, Advanced Lecturers, and Artists-in-Residence. Updated the job titles for the professional library staff.

January 1, 2023

AGM 1.7.4: Equal Employment Opportunity, Non-Discrimination, and Affirmative Action Policy

  • Updated Section 2.a: Protection against Discrimination to include "reproductive health decision-making."