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3. Financial Administration

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Financial policies in this chapter pertain to management of university funds, expenditures, and revenue.

  • These policies review managing the university's financial assets; how university funds are organized; expenditure accounts; the cost policy; requirements for retention of financial records; and charitable donations.
  • These policies outline responsibilities for the management of funds in University Projects, Tasks and Awards (PTAs); cost transfers (also referred to as transfers of expense; and the procedures for expense allocations and salary distribution offsets.
  • These policies govern the infrastructure charge (ISC) for both new and existing funds, and identify the expendable funds investment and return allocation, and the tier 1 and 2 buffer policy.
  • These policies provide guidance on revenue recognition policy; acceptance and processing of credit/debit card, account number, or third-party account numbers; and define the categories of fees and charges for student billing.
  • This policy identifies the procedures to follow when a suspicion or discovery of financial irregularities arise.
  • This section governs the establishment, maintenance and closure of university domestic and foreign bank accounts.
  • This section identifies the compliance and responsibilities related to legal entities affiliated with Stanford.