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7.5.1 Health and Safety Performance Standards and Discipline

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This Guide Memo was approved by the Vice Provost & Dean of Research.
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Formerly Known As Policy Number: 25.5

This Guide Memo describes supervisory duties mandated by California Senate Bill 198, the Occupational Injury and Illness Prevention Act. These responsibilities for health and safety performance standards and discipline apply to all supervisors, both faculty and staff, and to all workplaces, including laboratories, classrooms, shops, and offices.

1. Policy

It is the policy of Stanford University to maintain a safe and healthy work environment. Managers and supervisors are responsible for the establishment and maintenance of good health and safety practices. Work rules to assure good health and safety practices are to be promulgated and enforced including through the disciplinary process if necessary.

2. Guide to Supervisors

To be most effective, rules on health and safety practices should be clearly communicated to all employees: through postings, meetings, training sessions, etc. Job descriptions and performance criteria should clearly state that good health and safety practices are part of the employees' job expectations. Performance appraisals should evaluate the employees' conformance to health and safety rules and recognize good health and safety practices.

Furthermore, each employee should be made to understand from the outset that failure to observe good health and safety practices may subject the employees to disciplinary action up to and including possible termination.

The role of discipline is to impress upon the employees the seriousness and importance of following instructions including the utilization of good health and safety practices.