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4.2.5 Naming Facilities and Land Features

Overview of Stanford Campus and Hoover Tower
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This Guide Memo covers approval procedures and policies for naming Stanford University facilities and land features.


Approved by the President.

1. Approval Procedures

a. New Facilities and Land Features
Names proposed for Stanford University facilities and land features require the review of the Office of Development and Land, Buildings and Real Estate (LBRE)/ University Architect/Campus Planning  and Design (UA/CPD) for possible conflicts and other University-wide implications before submission to the President for approval. Facilities and land features covered by this requirement include: buildings and the components of buildings (classrooms, laboratories, auditoria, conference and seminar rooms); ornamental structures; streets; fountains; courts; plazas; gardens; etc.

b. Renamed Facilities and Land Features
In cases of renaming, the senior line officer(s) in whose jurisdiction the facility or land feature is located should have the sponsorship of the Provost in submitting the recommended name change for the approval procedure described in paragraph

c. Plaques, Trees, and Other Similar Memorials
While Stanford gratefully accepts gifts in memory of someone, the University is not able to accommodate requests for plaques, trees, benches, or other similar memorials. Donors who wish to make a gift and receive the appropriate recognition should consult with the Office of Development.

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2. Naming Policies

a. Names of Faculty and Staff
Names of Stanford faculty and staff bestowed on Stanford University facilities and land features should be selected from individuals who have been emeritus or retired for at least 10 years.

b. Streets
Street names should be historically or geographically significant to the campus. Streets may be named for living individuals, but the use of individuals' names should be minimized.

c. Donor Names
(1) Buildings

Donor names proposed for buildings or portions of buildings are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The "name" gift will normally cover between 35 and 70 percent of total project costs.
(2) Other Features
Donor names proposed for fountains, ornamental buildings, landscaping, and similar features will normally require a gift to cover the full cost of the project and a maintenance fund.

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3. Records of Names

The Stanford University Archives receives and preserves the official record of all Stanford University names. In addition, notification of the appropriate information and long-term maintenance of the gift goes to LBRE/Buildings and Grounds Maintenance (BGM) and/or the appropriate Stanford department or auxiliary organization.

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