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4.2 Receiving and Processing Gifts

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This section describes the various types of gifts accepted by the University and proper procedures for processing, acknowledging, and recording gifts, including equipment, land, buildings, and special collections.

  • Last Updated September 25, 2023

    This Guide Memo describes the various types of gifts accepted by Stanford University and the procedures for handling them.
  • Last Updated July 12, 2013

    This Guide Memo states responsibilities and procedures for acknowledging gifts to the University.
  • Last Updated June 15, 2007

    This Guide Memo covers policy on recording and processing donations of equipment. Detailed procedures may be found in the Stanford University Property Management Manual, available from the Property Management Office.
  • Last Updated July 12, 2013

    Over the years, many Stanford departments have acquired valuable special collections of artifacts, specimens, and historical objects. These departmental acquisitions have reflected the interests of a particular faculty member, concerns growing out of