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Search Tips

NOTE: All Administrative Guide Memos (AGMs) have been renumbered to the Dewey Decimal system. Additionally, new chapters and new subchapters within chapters have been created, and dozens of AGMs are now in a different “place” in the Administrative Guide than they formerly were.

Q      Can I search by the previous Guide Memo number on the new site?

      Yes, using the previous Guide Memo number works on the new site, because all Guide Memo numbers and their previous URLs have been permanently redirected to the new site and new webpage URLs. Each AGM webpage references the former AGM number.

Q           Do I have to know the new Guide Memo number or the exact Guide Memo name to search?

A           No. Searching by the previous Guide Memo (AGM) number or name:  enter the actual AGM number in the search field; e.g., “22.12.” The search results will display anything that includes 22.12, and the top result should be the actual policy. Click the link and you are taken to the new webpage for 22.12, which is now 2.1.13 (Paid Holidays).

Searching by AGM name: enter the first word or the actual entire name of the AGM; e.g., enter “Paid Holidays” or just “holidays” to see search results. NOTE: Chapter titles and subchapter titles have changed, but no Administrative Guide Memo names were changed as part of this website redesign.

Searching by topic: For example, to learn more about using golf carts, enter “golf” or “golf carts” or “service vehicles” in the search field and any Guide Memo with that/those terms in it will appear in the search results.

Q           How do I use the new “Browse by Category” search option?

A           The “Browse by Category” feature allows you to look at key topics and see all the policies that relate to that topic. “Browse by Category” identifies some typical category names based on user input, and will display any AGM that has been “tagged” (associated) with that category. For example, if you click on the Category name of “Financial,” every AGM that is associated with that Category will display in the search results.

Q           I searched for a word and the search results weren’t right. Who do I tell and how?

          We definitely want to have robust searching, so if you search on a topic or key word and don’t get the results you expected, tell us! The site is maintained by University Human Resources, in partnership with all policy owners on campus, and its infrastructure is maintained by Stanford Web Services. To let us know any feedback about the site, please click the “Website Feedback” link in the footer and tell us; we can get that topic or key word added to improve searching.