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2.2.6 Smoke-Free Environment

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Approved by the President.
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Formerly Known As Policy Number: 23.4


Applies to all academic and administrative units of Stanford University, including SLAC and all campus student housing. This policy does not supersede more restrictive policies that may be in force to comply with federal, state, or local laws or ordinances. The President must approve more restrictive policies not required by law.

1. Policy

It is the policy of Stanford University that all smoking, including but not limited to tobacco products and the use of electronic smoking devices, is prohibited in enclosed buildings and facilities and during indoor or outdoor events on the campus.

2. Definition

“Smoke-free” refers to an environment that is free of smoke from, among other things, tobacco products and/or vapors from electronic smoking devices.

3. Guidelines

a. Smoking-Prohibited Areas

Specifically, smoking is prohibited in classrooms and offices, all enclosed buildings and facilities, in covered walkways, in University vehicles, during indoor or outdoor athletic events, during other University sponsored or designated indoor or outdoor events and in outdoor areas designated by signage as "smoking prohibited" areas.

  • Ashtrays will not be provided in any enclosed University building or facility.
  • "Smoking Prohibited" signs will be posted.

b. Outdoor Smoking Areas

Except where otherwise posted as a "smoking prohibited area," smoking is generally permitted in outdoor areas, except during organized events. Outdoor smoking in non-prohibited areas must be at least 30 feet away from doorways, open windows, covered walkways, and ventilation systems to prevent smoke from entering enclosed buildings and facilities. To accommodate faculty, staff and students who smoke, Vice Presidents, Vice Provosts and Deans may designate certain areas of existing courtyards and patios as smoking areas, and must provide ashtrays. The specific academic or administrative unit(s) will be responsible for absorbing all costs associated with providing designated smoking areas and ashtrays.

4. Enforcement

This policy relies on the consideration and cooperation of smokers and non-smokers. It is the responsibility of all members of the University community to observe and follow this policy and its guidelines.

a. Smoking Cessation Information

Smoking cessation programs are available for faculty and staff through BeWell's Healthy Living offerings. Students may contact the Health Promotion Program (HPP) through the Student Health Center for smoking cessation information or programs.

b. Repeated Violations

Faculty, staff and students repeatedly violating this policy may be subject to appropriate action to correct any violation(s) and prevent future occurrences.

5. Implementation and Distribution

This policy will be disseminated to all faculty, staff and students and to all new members of the University Community.