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2.3.6 University Resources

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Formerly Known As Policy Number: 27.8

This Guide Memo lists some of the services and resources available for faculty, staff and students, and gives references for obtaining additional information.

1. Policy Statement

Stanford University provides resources and services to support employees and students in balancing their work/family/personal lives.

2. Applicability

The services and resources are available to Stanford faculty, staff and students; some services are also available to the families of faculty, students and staff.

3. Family Support

The WorkLife Center supports Stanford community members in all the stages of family life, providing information on education, campus and community programs and services for a variety of issues. See WorkLife Center for more information.

4. Child Care

a. Policy

All matters regarding the provision of child care services on the Stanford University campus must have the concurrence of the Director of the WorkLife Center. On the Stanford campus child care is permitted only in designated Stanford University academic or administrative buildings which are licensed by the State of California, Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing.

b. Services, Resources and Referrals

Information on campus programs, community child care centers and home-based child care is available from the WorkLife Center.

c. Child Care Grant Program

Information is available from the WorkLife Center.

d. Adoption Expense Reimbursement

Information is available from the WorkLife Center.

5. Counseling and Dispute Resolution

a. Human Resources Managers (HRMs)

Human resources managers in each academic school or functional area are responsible for the implementation of Stanford's personnel policies and can also help and advise on personnel matters. To find the human resources manager in your School or area, visit the HR at Stanford website or call (650) 725-8356. If you are in the School of Medicine, call (650) 497-2750; if you work at SLAC, call (650) 926-2358.

b. Employee & Labor Relations

Employee and Labor Relations provides resources for solving workplace problems, and offers policy interpretation and advice. Your area may also have an Employee Relations Specialist you can contact. Email or call (650) 721-4272. If you are in the School of Medicine, please call (650) 497-2750. If you work at SLAC, contact SLAC Employee/Labor Relations at (650) 926-2358.

c. Faculty Staff Help Center

Free, confidential counseling, workshops and groups are offered for Stanford faculty, staff and their families. See the Help Center website or call (650) 723-4577 for more information.

d. Ombuds

Contact the Ombuds' Office and Mediation Center for impartial dispute resolution. See the Office of Ombuds website or call (650) 497-1542. If you are in the School of Medicine, please call (650) 498-5802.

e. Dispute Resolution

Formal Grievance, Appeal, and Disciplinary Processes are on the Cardinal at Work website, or can be obtained from the Sexual Harassment Policy Office.

6. Sexual Harassment and Assault

See Administrative Guide Memos 1.7.1: Sexual Harassment and 1.7.2: Consensual Sexual or Romantic Relationships, and 1.7.3: Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Assault, for policy and resources.

7. University Privacy Officer

The University Privacy Officer is responsible for Stanford's compliance with the Privacy Rule under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), which governs the treatment of individually identifiable health information.

8. Additional Resources

a. Diversity & Access Office

For information about Cultural Centers, Disability Access, Staff Groups, and the University's Affirmative Action plans, see the Diversity & Access Office call (650) 725-0326.

b. Public Safety

Stanford's Department of Public Safety is a multi-service agency providing law enforcement, security, safety, crime prevention and emergency services on the Stanford campus 24 hours a day. See the Stanford's Department of Public Safety or call (650) 723-9633. At the School of Medicine, contact the Stanford Medical Center Security Services at (650) 723-7222.

c. Recreation

Consult the Stanford University Home Page for further information.

d. Other Resources

Consult for a complete listing of University centers, services and programs.