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11.5.3 Stanford Identification and Email Accounts

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Approved by the Vice President for Human Resources
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The hiring department will be notified of an employee’s or affiliate's Stanford identification number after personal data is entered into the relevant Stanford database. This number is then communicated to the employee to generate a SUNetID and Stanford email address, following the same process used on the Stanford campus. The SUNet ID enables access to secure University websites, specific system authority, and Stanford's computing network. The SUNet ID stays with the employee during all employment, student or other affiliation at Stanford. All security policies for Stanford ID, including AGM 2.4.3 and AGM 6.4.1, apply to globally affiliated employees.

Stanford ID cards are available to globally affiliated employees who visit the campus in California. Affiliated employees must provide a photo or present themselves in person to have a photo taken for the ID card, and must already have a Stanford identification number.