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3.4.3 Student Billing

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Approved by the Vice President for Business Affairs & Chief Financial Officer and the Vice Provost for Budget & Auxiliaries Management
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Formerly Known As Policy Number: 34.6

To define the categories of fees and charges to the University's student billing and how items are added.


All matriculated students including undergraduate, graduate, and the professional schools of Law, Medical, and Graduate School of Business.


The Board of Trustees sets tuition, room and board rates. See section 2.a(2) of Guide Memo 3.1.2: University Funds.

The Vice Provost for Budget & Auxiliaries Management approves the Health Insurance, Campus Health Service Fee, Telecommunications Fee, and the Document Fees.

ASSU fees are approved by the Vice Provost for Student Affairs on behalf of the President.

All other fee categories are approved by the Dean or Director as delegated by the Provost.

The Student Financial Services Office is responsible for managing the billing and collection of tuition and fees from students, with the exception of the Honors Cooperative Program (HCP) students.

1. Mandatory Fees

Definition: Mandatory fees are required for all students or for an identifiable population of students. Categories of mandatory fees include:


Category Responsibility for Charging the Item
Tuition Office of the University Registrar
Room Residential & Dining Enterprises
Board Residential & Dining Enterprises
Row Houses Board Residential & Dining Enterprises
Health Insurance Vaden Health Center
Campus Health Service Fee Vaden Health Center
Telecommunications Fee University IT/Residential Computing
Documents Fees Office of the University Registrar
ASSU Fees Associated Students of Stanford University
Course Materials Fees Academic Dean of Department
P.O. Boxes: Freshmen Student Services Center

2. Voluntary Charges

Definition: Voluntary charges are not mandated and the students elect to have these charges. Categories of voluntary charges include:


Category Responsibility for Charging the Item
Cardinal Dollars Residential & Dining Enterprises
IT Services (in-room Cable TV, software purchases, etc.) University IT
P.O. Box rentals (non-Freshmen) Student Services Center
Stanford Card Purchases (bookstore supplies, printing, copying, etc.) Student Financial Services on behalf of merchants
International mailing and shipping fee Bechtel International Center

3. Penalties

Definition: Penalties are assessed to students who fail to comply with policy and guidelines. Categories of penalties include:


Category Responsibility for Assessing the Penalty
Housing room damage Residential & Dining Enterprises
Late fees for late payment of University bill Student Financial Services
Late fees for late submission of study list Office of the University Registrar
Network reconnection fee (DMCA violation) Information Security Office
Student ID Card replacement University ID Card Office

4. Adding or Changing Tuition/Fees to the University Bill

Process: To request an item to the University bill, the Dean or Director of the requesting department will complete a Tuition Request Form or New Fee Request Form and submit it to the Student Financial Services.

The Student Financial Services office will review the request and ensure the tuition or fee is reasonable and appropriately approved by the approving authority and/or owning organization, as well as develop and implement appropriate internal controls and processes for the related funds transfers for the billable item.