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8.2.2 Conferences

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This Guide Memo offers guidance to departments considering sponsoring a conference at Stanford.


This Guide Memo was approved by the President.


This policy applies to all conferences held on University property.

1. Conference Policy

a. Approval
Policies concerning conferences are the responsibility of the offices of the President and Provost. The President has delegated approval for specific events as indicated in Guide Memo 8.2.1: University Events, and in the Public Events Policy and Practice Manual described in Guide Memo 8.2.1For events involving minors, see also Guide Memo 1.8.1: Protection of Minors and the Protection of Minors website.

b. Relationship to University Program
University facilities may be used for conferences that are closely related to the University program. The University officer approving the event (either the Conference Services Manager or the Director of Stanford Events, as described in Guide Memo 8.2.1) determines whether the event is related to the University program. Conferences may be arranged by schools, departments, and other University organizations. Outside academic organizations such as professional societies, faculty groups, and certain student groups may hold conferences at Stanford. Business and professional organizations may hold conferences at Stanford if their programs relate to the academic activities of the University. Conference participants usually must be affiliated with the sponsoring organization or be invited by the organization to register and attend.

c. Sponsorship
Conferences must be sponsored by a school or department of the University. Outside organizations must obtain the sponsorship of an appropriate University dean or department head before requesting a conference.

d. Coordination Responsibility
Coordination of conferences is divided between two offices, depending on the date of the event:
(1) Summer conferences (June 16 through September 14): Conference Office
(2) Academic year conferences (September 15 through June 15): Stanford Events

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2. Conference Arrangements

a. Departmental Sponsor
The dean or department head of the school or department sponsoring a conference designates a faculty or staff member to represent the school or department as sponsor of the event. The initiation of the conference proposal, and all transactions with the conference organizers concerning arrangements, fees and curriculum are handled through the individual designated as departmental sponsor.

b. Conference Request
Sponsoring departments submit requests for approval through the office coordinating the conference (see 1.d above). A conference request should provide as much information as is known at the time the request is made, and should include the name of the sponsoring organization, its conference chair-person, proposed dates, length of the conference, estimated number of participants and, for summer conferences only, desired housing and food service.

c. Review Process
The Manager of Conference Services or the Director of Stanford Events reviews requests for open dates and available facilities, as well as to determine that meetings are consistent with the University's fundamental mission of teaching, research and public service.

d. Notifications
After a conference has been approved, the coordinating office notifies the department and sponsor and informs other University organizations as necessary.

e. Planning Session
The coordinating office arranges a planning session with the department sponsor and the organization's conference chairperson. Specific arrangements for meeting rooms, equipment, housing, food and related services are discussed at this meeting.

f. Conference Accounting
The sponsoring department identifies the need for opening any new accounts to record conference income and expense, and makes arrangements with the appropriate office to have these accounts set up.

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3. Conference Facilities

The coordinating office provides detailed information about meeting rooms, catering, equipment and other University services and facilities.

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4. Summer Housing

Summer housing in Stanford student residences is available to conferees, visitors and guests on the Sunday following commencement until approximately August 31. Accommodations include residence buildings with food service and one-, two-, and three-bedroom student apartments. Contact the Conference Office for detailed descriptions and information regarding restrictions, available space and current rates.

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