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3.1 Funds Management

financial graphs


3.1.1 Responsibility for University Financial Assets

This Guide Memo outlines the roles and responsibilities of various University officers and organizations in managing the University's financial assets.

3.1.2 University Funds

This Guide Memo describes the University's funds and budgets.

3.1.3 Expenditure Accounts (PTAs)

The University's Oracle Financial system has two core accounting applications: Grants Accounting (GA) and General Ledger (GL). The GA subledger records all detailed expenditure transactions and then summarizes them in the GL...

3.1.4 Cost Policy

This Guide Memo outlines general policies on expense reimbursement by the federal government and discusses the importance of assigning the correct Project, Task and Award (PTA) and Expenditure Type to expenses and credits....

3.1.5 Retention of Financial Records

This Guide Memo covers time requirements for retaining financial records and security requirements for disposing of old records.

3.1.6 Charitable Donations by Stanford University to Other Charitable Organizations

This memo describes the limited circumstances when a charitable donation may be made by Stanford to an outside organization.