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2.3 Employment Benefit Programs

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2.3.2 Health Plans

The University provides Health Plans for eligible employees. This Guide Memo provides details on eligibility and links to further information.

2.3.3 Tuition Privileges

This Guide Memo describes a tuition grant program for children of faculty and staff and auditing privileges for Stanford University courses.

2.3.4 University Housing Programs

This Guide Memo provides information on University housing programs available to eligible faculty (and certain executive staff positions as designated by the Provost's Office).

2.3.5 Disability and Family Leaves

This Guide Memo describes medical and other disability-type leaves, and the coordination of these types of leave with University benefit plans.

2.3.6 University Resources

This Guide Memo lists some of the services and resources available for faculty, staff and students, and gives references for obtaining additional information.