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12.2 Global Human Resources Staff Employment Policies

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Employing workers outside of the US is complex, subject to laws in the country of work as well as US laws. In-country regulation will always apply to Stanford staff, affiliated employees and faculty outside of the US.

Approved by the Vice President of Human Resources


12.2.1 Global Staff Personnel Policies

These policies describe the development of, administration of, and decisions about policies affecting personnel of Stanford University, a university entity and/or its affiliates, whose primarily work location is outside of...

12.2.2 Recruiting and Hiring of Global Staff

This policy covers all phases of the recruiting and hiring process outside of the US and the corresponding areas of responsibility. The policy applies to all individuals who are paid by Stanford University, a university...

12.2.3 Global Personnel Files and Data

Globally affiliated employees are tracked as a separate group in Stanford’s HR information system. Forms to provide the information necessary to enter employment data into the system are available through Global HR Programs...

12.2.4 Hiring Global Employees from Stanford Health Care

University policy applies when global employees are hired with previous service from Stanford Health Care. Hospital service applies toward Stanford service, in accordance with Administrative Guide policy.

12.2.5 Global Compensation of Staff Employees

Global hiring requires a variety of approaches to compensation. Stanford practices a total reward strategy to attract, reward, motivate and retain the best possible talent, while taking into account market conditions in the...

12.2.6 Global Vacations

Stanford or its affiliated entities will establish a vacation policy in each country in compliance with that country’s laws. Country-by-country policies will be maintained and communicated by Global HR Programs. Stanford...

12.2.7 Sick Time

Stanford or its affiliated entities will establish a sick leave policy in each country in compliance with that country’s laws. Country-by-country policies will be maintained and communicated by Global HR Programs, in...

12.2.8 Miscellaneous Authorized Absences

In addition to Vacations, Sick Leave and Paid Holidays, Stanford employees or employees of affiliates may be eligible for paid absences in compliance with regulations in the country of work.

12.2.9 Separation from Global Employment

It is the goal of the University and its affiliates to separate regular employees in conformance with all laws and regulations. Global HR must be consulted before taking any termination or severance action outside of the US.

12.2.10 Staff Retirement

Stanford or its affiliates offer a variety of retirement plans to international employees, depending on the country of work and citizenship of the employee.

12.2.11 Grievance Policy

Does not apply to global employees.

12.2.12 Global Staff Development Program

Refer to Administrative Guide Memo 2.1.12.

12.2.13 Global Paid Holidays

Paid holidays are determined by each country’s traditions, customs and law. Global HR Programs maintains a list of paid holidays in each country, which is updated and published annually.

12.2.14 Senior Staff

Does not apply to global employees.

12.2.15 Global Trial/Probation Periods

The trial period is an initial period of service during which the manager or supervisor assesses the performance of a newly hired employee to determine if the employee meets the requirements and expectation of the position....

12.2.17 Layoffs

Does not apply to global employees.

12.2.18 Global Military Leave

Each country has its own requirements for maintaining employment during a period of military leave. Stanford and its affiliates will be in compliance with law in the country of work. Please contact the unit HR Manager and/or...

12.2.19 Administrative Review Policy

Does not apply to global employees.

12.2.20 Relocation of Global Faculty and Staff

The University may provide relocation assistance for newly hired or transferred staff when it is appropriate based on programmatic need and budgetary constraints of the University or its affiliated operation. Any such...

12.2.21 Global Telecommuting

Employee requests to work in a location outside of the United States for an extended period of time require the legal authority to work in the requested country. Sponsorship of work authorization outside of the U.S. is...

12.2.22 International Employees

This Guide Memo presents policy for hiring, assigning international employees, and establishing international telecommuting arrangements.