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5.4.2 Business and Travel Expenses

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The university pays directly or reimburses individuals for expenses that are necessary and appropriate to conduct University business. This policy outlines the guiding principles, reimbursement and travel policies with examples of business-related expenses at Stanford University. This policy applies to all fund types and business expenses, including travel undertaken for university business and purchases of items to be owned by Stanford.

2.4.4 Property and Liability Insurance

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This Guide Memo describes the University's property and liability insurance coverage.

For information on other insurance coverage, see:

2.1.19 Relocation of Faculty and Staff

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This Guide Memo sets forth policies and procedures to facilitate the moving and reassignment of new or current Stanford faculty and staff, where such action is considered to be in the best interests of the University. The policy is designed to give maximum flexibility to schools, departments and other organizational units while assuring compliance with federal and state regulations. The provisions of this policy apply only when an offer of employment is made.

2.3.1 Survivor Benefit Plans

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