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12.3.5 Smoke-free Environment

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Refer to Stanford University's Administrative Guide Memo 2.2.6 to the extent required and applicable in the country of operation.

12.3.4 Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Assault

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Refer to Stanford's Administrative Guide Memos 1.7.1, 1.7.2 and 1.7.3, to the extent required and applicable in the country of operation.

12.3.3 Global Payroll

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Stanford or its affiliated entities will establish payroll procedures in each country that are in compliance with law and appropriate for University or affiliated staff. Country-by-country procedures will be maintained with University Payroll or the affiliated entity.

12.3.2 Global Definitions

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This policy applies to Stanford University employees at least 50% time with an appointment of at least 6 months, whose primary work location is outside of the US. The employee may be paid by a Stanford out-of-country organization or affiliate (in-country hire), or in rare cases may be paid in the U.S. (U.S. hire working abroad). Benefit eligibility may be determined by each country’s law.

12.3.1 General Global Personnel Policies

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Management has the responsibility to assure that any University-affiliated operation adheres to laws and regulations in each country.

12.2.15 Global Trial/Probation Periods

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The trial period is an initial period of service during which the manager or supervisor assesses the performance of a newly hired employee to determine if the employee meets the requirements and expectation of the position. To the extent permitted by each country’s law, each employee will serve a probationary trial period of no longer than 12 months. Supervisors should consult with their unit HR Manager and/or Global HR Programs regarding termination of an employee during or at the end of the trial period.

12.2.10 Staff Retirement

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Stanford or its affiliates offer a variety of retirement plans to international employees, depending on the country of work and citizenship of the employee.

12.2.9 Separation from Global Employment

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It is the goal of the University and its affiliates to separate regular employees in conformance with all laws and regulations. Global HR must be consulted before taking any termination or severance action outside of the US.

12.2.8 Miscellaneous Authorized Absences

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In addition to Vacations, Sick Leave and Paid Holidays, Stanford employees or employees of affiliates may be eligible for paid absences in compliance with regulations in the country of work.

12.2.7 Sick Time

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Stanford or its affiliated entities will establish a sick leave policy in each country in compliance with that country’s laws. Country-by-country policies will be maintained and communicated by Global HR Programs, in conjunction with University Benefits and disability providers. Stanford employees paid through Stanford’s US payroll will accrue and request sick leave in accordance with regular staff policies.


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