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12.5.6 Indemnification

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Employment contracts or agreements will govern the indemnification of employees in each country.

12.5.3 Stanford Identification and Email Accounts

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The hiring department will be notified of an employee’s or affiliate's Stanford identification number after personal data is entered into the relevant Stanford database. This number is then communicated to the employee to generate a SUNetID and Stanford email address, following the same process used on the Stanford campus. The SUNet ID enables access to secure University websites, specific system authority, and Stanford's computing network. The SUNet ID stays with the employee during all employment, student or other affiliation at Stanford.

12.5.2 Directories and Distribution Lists

12.4.6 Disability and Family Leaves

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Stanford provides disability coverage in each country in compliance with law and appropriate for University and affiliated staff. Leave and salary continuation policies will be maintained and communicated by Global HR Programs, in conjunction with University Benefits and disability carriers. Affiliated employees may be requested to assign their disability benefits to Stanford to continue on regular payroll in each country.

12.4.2 Survivor Benefit Plans

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Stanford makes available an international life insurance plan for affiliated employees outside of the US. US citizens and legal residents may be allowed to continue US-based life insurance programs. Contact Global HR Programs for specific information.

12.3.10 Violence in the Workplace

12.3.9 Gifts and Awards for Global Employees

12.3.8 Global Employee Training

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Some countries mandate employee training requirements, or specific jobs may have training or certification standards. Supervisors are responsible for identifying those employees who perform work requiring specific training and taking actions to enable the delivery of necessary training.

12.3.7 Controlled Substances and Alcohol

12.3.6 Workplace Accommodations for Employees with Disabilities

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Refer to Stanford University's Administrative Guide Memo 2.2.7, to the extent required and applicable in the country of operation.


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