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New Hires

Welcome to Stanford! As a new employee, you will be learning about Stanford's culture, workplace expectations, role and responsibilities for your initial months. Online reference information will support your learning phase and ensure you are compliant with Stanford's requirements related to your new position.

  • All employees must review Guide Memos in Chapter 1 (Guiding Policies and Principles), regardless of your specific position.
  • Many Guide Memos in Chapter 2, Section 2.2 (General Employment Policies) are also required to be reviewed.
  • Faculty member policies are located in the Faculty Handbook.
  • Those with research responsibilities or those who support others doing research should review the Research Policy Handbook.
  • Postdoctoral scholar policies are located in the Stanford Postdoc Handbook.

New staff members may find the information and guidance on the Welcome Center very useful.

Always check with your manager, your PI, or your school or unit Human Resources Manager or group to clarify school/unit processes, expectations, and procedures. An online listing of school/unit HR Managers is available. Faculty have the support of Faculty Affairs Officers as well.

2.4.3 Stanford Identification Cards

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This Guide Memo lists identification cards used at Stanford University and indicates their uses.

2.3.2 Health Plans

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The University provides Health Plans for eligible employees. This Guide Memo provides details on eligibility and links to further information.

1.1.1 University Code of Conduct

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This Guide Memo defines the University's Code of Conduct.

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