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3.7.1 Establishment and Governance of Legal Entities

5.3.3 Purchasing Cards

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This Guide Memo contains policies on use of Purchasing Cards (PCard) to purchase goods or services directly by departments. This policy establishes the rules and guidelines for appropriate use of the Stanford-issued Purchasing Card. This policy is based on and in alignment with the expectations set forth by AGM 1.1.1: Code of Conduct, specifically with regard to employing sound business practices and exercising prudent financial management in the stewardship of University resources.

5.1.1 Procurement Policies

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This Guide Memo serves as an introduction to Chapter 5. It covers general policies for the purchase of major and minor construction, equipment, supplies and services by Stanford. The policies in this chapter do not apply to the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (SLAC).

8.4.2 Vehicle Use

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This Guide Memo outlines policies on the authorized use and operation of vehicles in connection with official University activities. Additional information is available at

5.2.1 Financing of Purchases

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This Guide Memo describes arrangements by which the University advances loans that are repaid over time to schools and departments to finance capital projects, programs or purchase equipment.

5.1.2 Procurement Relationships

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This Guide Memo describes the organization of the Procurement Department and its relationships with other administrative departments, both within and external to Stanford.

3.4.3 Student Billing

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To define the categories of fees and charges to the University's student billing and how items are added.

2.4.5 Protection of Property

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This Guide Memo outlines departmental responsibilities for safeguarding University property.

3.5.1 Financial Irregularities

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Procedures to follow when a suspicion or discovery of financial irregularities arise. Some common types of financial irregularities are corruption (e.g., bribery, kickbacks, bid riggings, etc.), conflicts of interest (e.g., sale and purchase schemes, etc.) and asset misappropriation involving cash, inventory or other University assets. Examples of asset misappropriation can include the following:

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