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12.2.4 Hiring Global Employees from Stanford Health Care

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University policy applies when global employees are hired with previous service from Stanford Health Care. Hospital service applies toward Stanford service, in accordance with Administrative Guide policy.

12.2.3 Global Personnel Files and Data

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Globally affiliated employees are tracked as a separate group in Stanford’s HR information system. Forms to provide the information necessary to enter employment data into the system are available through Global HR Programs. Recordkeeping transactions for new employee information, changes in information and employee terminations are handled by University HR Transaction Services.

HR administration for globally affiliated employees is provided by the responsible school or department’s own HR team. Additional resource is available from University HR through Global HR Programs.

12.2.2 Recruiting and Hiring of Global Staff

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This policy covers all phases of the recruiting and hiring process outside of the US and the corresponding areas of responsibility. The policy applies to all individuals who are paid by Stanford University, a university entity and/or its affiliates outside of the US.

12.2.1 Global Staff Personnel Policies

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These policies describe the development of, administration of, and decisions about policies affecting personnel of Stanford University, a university entity and/or its affiliates, whose primarily work location is outside of the United States.

12.1.2 Anti-Bribery

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Members of the Stanford community are required to act with honesty and integrity and comply with applicable laws at all times when transacting University business. This guide memo clarifies that all forms of bribery and corruption are absolutely prohibited, provides guidance regarding what constitutes bribery and corruption, and requires reporting of actual or suspected incidents of bribery and corruption.

12.1.1 Code of Conduct

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The policies and principles set out in Chapter 1 of the Administrative Guide relating to university code of conduct, organization, academic governance, academic and business relationships with third parties, conflict of commitment and interest, and privacy policies apply to the global activities of Stanford University and its affiliates.

2.4.1 Visas for and Employment of Foreign Nationals

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This Guide Memo contains policies on obtaining entry visas for foreign nationals visiting Stanford and links to web pages detailing procedural information.


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