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3.1.6 Charitable Donations by Stanford University to Other Charitable Organizations

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This memo describes the limited circumstances when a charitable donation may be made by Stanford to an outside organization.

12.3.9 Gifts and Awards for Global Employees

12.1.2 Anti-Bribery

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Members of the Stanford community are required to act with honesty and integrity and comply with applicable laws at all times when transacting University business. This guide memo clarifies that all forms of bribery and corruption are absolutely prohibited, provides guidance regarding what constitutes bribery and corruption, and requires reporting of actual or suspected incidents of bribery and corruption.

4.2.4 Departmental Special Collections

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Over the years, many Stanford departments have acquired valuable special collections of artifacts, specimens, and historical objects. These departmental acquisitions have reflected the interests of a particular faculty member, concerns growing out of a specific research project or departmental initiative, or the sense that an available collection could enhance the pursuit of an academic discipline. However, such acquisitions carry with them institutional obligations. This Guide Memo provides administrative guidelines to assist departmental managers with such collections.

2.2.10 Gifts and Awards for University Employees

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This Guide Memo provides specific guidelines for conferring non-taxable gifts or awards upon eligible University employees.

1.5.2 Staff Policy on Conflict of Commitment and Interest

1.5.1 Political, Campaign and Lobbying Activities

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Stanford University, as a charitable entity, is subject to federal, state, and local laws and regulations regarding political activities—campaign activities, lobbying, and the giving of gifts to public officials.

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