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3.7.1 Establishment and Governance of Legal Entities

3.6.1 Bank Accounts

3.1.6 Charitable Donations by Stanford University to Other Charitable Organizations

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This memo describes the limited circumstances when a charitable donation may be made by Stanford to an outside organization.

5.2.1 Financing of Purchases

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This Guide Memo describes arrangements by which the University advances loans that are repaid over time to schools and departments to finance capital projects, programs or purchase equipment.

3.4.2 Card and Payment Account Acceptance and Processing

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This policy provides guidelines on acceptance and processing of credit and debit card, account number, or third party account numbers at Stanford.

5.2.2 Equipment Leases

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This Guide Memo describes policies that apply to equipment leases. Capital and operating lease liabilities utilize the University's debt capacity. All uses of debt must comply with the University's debt policy and require prior approval. The only parties authorized to execute documents that commit Stanford to an equipment lease obligation are the Director of Procurement, the CFO, or their designees. For relevant policies, see section 1 in Administrative Guide Memo 5.1.1: Procurement Policies. Approvals, requisition processes and reporting requirements are included.

5.5.1 External Affirmative Action

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This policy statement supports a plan to increase opportunities for minority, women and disabled people, and businesses owned by them, to participate in economic opportunities arising from University business activities.

5.3.3 Purchasing Cards

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This Guide Memo contains policies on use of Purchasing Cards to purchase goods or services made directly by departments. Purchasing Cards are a tool for individuals making purchases on behalf of the University for which Stanford is financially liable. There are two types of Purchasing Cards: an individual Purchasing Card and a Department Purchasing Card. The individual Purchasing Card is issued to a specific person. The Department Purchasing Card is issued to a department and assigned to a custodian. The policies are the same for both types of Purchasing Cards, unless specifically noted.

5.3.4 Books, Periodicals and Membership Dues

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This Guide Memo describes policies on making purchases from the Stanford Bookstore or directly from publishers.

5.1.1 Procurement Policies

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This Guide Memo serves as an introduction to Chapter 5. It covers general policies for the purchase of major and minor construction, equipment, supplies and services by Stanford. The policies in this chapter do not apply to the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (SLAC).


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