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3.1.6 Charitable Donations by Stanford University to Other Charitable Organizations

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This memo describes the limited circumstances when a charitable donation may be made by Stanford to an outside organization.

4.5.1 Funding New Programs

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Proposals for new programs, projects, or activities should take into account the feasibility of obtaining required funding as well as the budgetary and other impacts the proposals may have on Stanford University. This Guide Memo is intended to provide a checklist that may be useful to faculty members and others in developing such proposals.

4.2.5 Naming Facilities and Land Features

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This Guide Memo covers approval procedures and policies for naming Stanford University facilities and land features.

4.4.1 Fundraising Approval and Priority-Setting

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This Guide Memo sets forth University fundraising policy, outlines the procedure for requesting fundraising approval and priority, and describes the procedures by which fundraising requests are reviewed for academic merit, evaluated for fundraising potential, and, if approved, assigned priorities for fundraising. The aim of this Guide Memo is to establish a systematic and orderly approach to private funding sources, to maximize support from them, and to assure that support is directed toward University priorities.

4.2.3 Records of Donated Equipment

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This Guide Memo covers policy on recording and processing donations of equipment. Detailed procedures may be found in the Stanford University Property Management Manual, available from the Property Management Office.

4.2.1 Receiving and Processing Gifts

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This Guide Memo describes the various types of gifts accepted by Stanford University and the procedures for handling them.

4.1.1 Gifts to the University

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Stanford University relies upon gifts from alumni, parents of students, friends, corporations, associations, and foundations to meet a substantial portion of its operating costs. This Guide Memo outlines policies on procurement, classification, management, and use of gifts.

4.2.4 Departmental Special Collections

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Over the years, many Stanford departments have acquired valuable special collections of artifacts, specimens, and historical objects. These departmental acquisitions have reflected the interests of a particular faculty member, concerns growing out of a specific research project or departmental initiative, or the sense that an available collection could enhance the pursuit of an academic discipline. However, such acquisitions carry with them institutional obligations. This Guide Memo provides administrative guidelines to assist departmental managers with such collections.

4.2.2 Acknowledgment of Gifts

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This Guide Memo states responsibilities and procedures for acknowledging gifts to the University.

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