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12.2.22 International Employees

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This Guide Memo presents policy for hiring, assigning international employees, and establishing international telecommuting arrangements.

2.4.4 Property and Liability Insurance

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This Guide Memo describes the University's property and liability insurance coverage.

For information on other insurance coverage, see:

  • Business travel accident insurance: Guide Memo 2.3.1: Survivor Benefit Plans.
  • University, government, and personal vehicle collision insurance: Guide Memo 8.4.2: Vehicle Use.
  • Rental vehicle collision insurance: Guide Memo 5.4.2: Travel Expenses.

2.3.5 Disability and Family Leaves

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This Guide Memo describes medical and other disability-type leaves, and the coordination of these types of leave with University benefit plans.

2.3.2 Health Plans

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The University provides Health Plans for eligible employees. This Guide Memo provides details on eligibility and links to further information.

2.3.1 Survivor Benefit Plans

2.3.3 Tuition Privileges

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This Guide Memo describes a tuition grant program for children of faculty and staff and auditing privileges for Stanford University courses.

2.3.4 University Housing Programs

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This Guide Memo provides information on University housing programs available to eligible faculty (and certain executive staff positions as designated by the Provost's Office).

2.1.10 Staff Retirement

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This Guide Memo describes the retirement income plans, health care coverage, and other perquisites available to employees who retire from the University.

2.2.1 Definitions

Last updated on:

"General Personnel Policies" has been re-named to "Equal Employment Opportunity, Non-Discrimination, and Affirmative Action Policy" is now located at 1.7.4.

This Guide Memo defines various types of academic and non-academic employees, and other groups who have a specified relationship with the University.

2.1.8 Miscellaneous Authorized Absences

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This policy summarizes the leaves of absence, paid and unpaid, approved by the university.


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