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1.9.1 Signature and Financial Approval Authority

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The Stanford Board of Trustees’ fiduciary responsibility for university activities includes a duty to act as a responsible steward of all university resources. This policy sets forth a framework governing the assignment of responsibility to individuals throughout the university. It is designed to provide the appropriate oversight, accountability, and transparency to ensure that commitments of university resources are executed appropriately and in accord with applicable laws, regulations and university policies. 

3.7.1 Establishment and Governance of Legal Entities

5.3.3 Purchasing Cards

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This Guide Memo contains policies on use of Purchasing Cards (PCard) to purchase goods or services directly by departments. This policy establishes the rules and guidelines for appropriate use of the Stanford-issued Purchasing Card. This policy is based on and in alignment with the expectations set forth by AGM 1.1.1: Code of Conduct, specifically with regard to employing sound business practices and exercising prudent financial management in the stewardship of University resources.

5.3.2 Blanket Purchase Orders

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This Guide Memo contains policies on Blanket Purchase Orders.

5.1.2 Procurement Relationships

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This Guide Memo describes the organization of the Procurement Department and its relationships with other administrative departments, both within and external to Stanford.

3.1.1 Responsibility for University Financial Assets

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This Guide Memo outlines the roles and responsibilities of various University officers and organizations in managing the University's financial assets.

5.4.4 Petty Cash Funds

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This Guide Memo outlines policy on establishing and managing a petty cash fund. It should be used in conjunction with procedural information, resources, and forms, which outline the application of this policy and may be found on the Petty Cash Administration section of the Gateway to Financial Activities website (Fingate).

3.1.5 Retention of Financial Records

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This Guide Memo covers time requirements for retaining financial records and security requirements for disposing of old records.

2.1.3 Personnel Files and Data

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The University maintains personnel information for each employee in order to have a complete, accurate and current record of the employee's salary and job history at the University. This guide memo sets forth policies and procedures to facilitate the establishment, use and maintenance of personnel data, in whatever form maintained.

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