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3.2.1 Responsibility for University Funds

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This Guide Memo describes responsibilities for the management of funds in University Projects, Tasks and Awards (PTAs).

3.1.4 Cost Policy

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This Guide Memo outlines general policies on expense reimbursement by the federal government and discusses the importance of assigning the correct Project, Task and Award (PTA) and Expenditure Type to expenses and credits. For more detailed information, see Purpose and Use of Expenditure Type Codes on the Gateway to Financial Activities website.  

1.5.4 Ownership and Use of Stanford Trademarks and Images

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This Guide Memo establishes the policies governing use of Stanford's registered trademarks, as well as the use of unregistered names, seals, logos, emblems, images, symbols and slogans that are representative of Stanford (together referred to herein as "Marks").

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